vision mission


  • At Govindganj School, we aim at nurturing the curiosity, creativity and intelligence, which exists in every child. So, they achieve their greatest potential to live happy lives and contribute to society and Nation building.
  • Our vision is to develop our students as independent learners with self-belief and respect for others, with a lifelong love for learning and a strong foundation for future success.


  • Our mission is to instill our students with high academic, moral values and ethics, which will make them responsible citizens and be successful in facing/solving all their future endeavors.
  • Our aim is to provide best learning opportunities and experiences to help children develop a spirit of cooperation and mutual harmony. Our mission is to create a group of young learners who are reliable & successful future citizen of the country.
  • Our mission is to provide resources to help a child achieve his/her potential as independent thinkers. To endow our students with quality educational materials, our fun-filled, secure learning environment.